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Share Logos With Your Website Visitors Easily

That’s one small click for you, one giant leap for all who need your logo. 

We’ve just added a new super easy way of linking your design content – all your logos and possibly the whole Corporate Identity stored in OpenBrand – to your website. 

Every brand element or folder can now be easily shared with the public, ensuring your partners and press always have the latest version of your logos and other design resources.


Just look for Publish on your website option under the Share and collaborate menu.


Dump Our Competitor, Get One Year Free Enterprise Level BAM/DAM!

Insane offer: Get one year free unlimited OpenBrand for Enterprise when your company switches from any of our competitors!

If your company has 25 or more employees, then we’re going to give you the best brand asset management service free for a whole year with no limits!

Just show us an invoice from any competitor such as:

  • Adgistics, Brandworkz, WebDAM, Widen, BrandFM/e-see, Northplains (Xinet), Picturepark, ResourceSpace, BrandFolder, BrandToolbox, Brand Regard, AssetBank, etc
  • Dropbox for teams, Box, Huddle, or even a Custom made solution - if it’s used for brand management, replace it with the best.

No set-up fee. No maintenance charges. Ready to go immediately.

Other companies that use OpenBrand include:


Unlike the rest of the market, OpenBrand is the only true SaaS and Cloud BAM/DAM service and we can prove it with this crazy offer. Why? Because we can. Others charge for extra development and can’t possibly do anything like this:

For the whole year you’ll get

No setup fees. No hidden costs. No infrastructure costs or maintenance charges. No matter what the competition sells you, this is how cloud service should be.image

OpenBrand for Enterprise
OpenBrand is more than just a file sharing or digital asset management platform. It offers a safe and secure way to collaborate with a multitude of independent suppliers, graphic designers, advertising agencies and consultants. Worry free organization that ensures you have control over all projects related to your brand.

Keep your digital assets both safe and available from anywhere
OpenBrand protects all your creative hard work, and lets your team get to their files from any computer, or tablet anywhere in the world.

Everything stays organized
Unlike files on a shared drive, in OpenBrand everything stays organized. Forget searching for the current logo version or the latest design manual PDF, in OpenBrand it is easy to find and always up to date.

Share securely and effectively
Forget email attachments, messy network drives, and FTP — sharing the right works with the right people is fast and simple. When you share a File the specs and context are paired with it automatically – a massive boost in efficiency: no more confusion over file types, requirements, specs or color and size mutations.

Manage your team
Easily manage OpenBrand for your business with centralized billing, project collaboration, and more.

Sound too good to be true? Get in touch or see


OpenBrand Overhauls Brand – Integrates with Adobe

Yes we did it!

We at OpenBrand, the Dropbox for marketers and graphic designers, launched our Adobe extension allowing for full functionality within Photoshop and Illustrator.

We’ve combined our launch of the new Plugin with entirely new pricing, branding, a new interface and functionality. 

Our cloud-based service that in 2013 AIGA called “the designer/client tool of the year” has now got new pricing and gives designers and marketers free space to store, collaborate, protect and define all elements of any brand.


In a interview with journalists, Tim Addison our Marketing guy here at OpenBrand says, “Beside the pricing and swanky good looks, we gave it a functional make-over because we wanted to improve usability and put the focus on our user’s designs.”

Built-in To Photoshop And Illustrator

With this new plugin designers won’t even have to leave Photoshop or Illustrator to access their files. 

Available on both Windows and Mac, the OpenBrand plugin works inside Photoshop and Illustrator CC and CC 2014. 


Tim continues, “For designers and marketers alike this is basically, all your content, right where you want it: While you are working on designs, all resources organised in OpenBrand are at your fingertips.” No space is occupied on your hard drive, or in Dropbox. "There’s no more version confusion, everything is always up to date.  Even Windows users can navigate design files visually!"

Have a look at our new homepage where you can download the new plugin and give it a try right away!


Facepalm inc


We created this pretend brand to demo a hopefully revolutionary new feature of OpenBrand that will allow it to run inside Adobe’s Photoshop & Illustrator.

We will let you know first when it’s ready - going into Beta-testing on Monday.

In the meantime let’s have some fun:




Mexican Student wins Dream Job in Prague!

"I won?! Oh my god, that’s great, great, great, news! I am really excited I was praying for this."

The first annual RisingStar international graphic design contest is over and we have a winner, 22 yr old student Paulina Rodriguez Vasconcelos!

imagePaulina studies in the beautiful city of Queretaro in central Mexico.

Graduating in August with a Bachelor in Multimedia Graphic Design from the  European-Mexican university UCO-Mondragon. Anibal Villa is her director at university. “Anibal’s going to be so proud.”

She was originally going to study Medicine but her dream was to graduate in graphic design. 

imageScreenshot from the moment she found out.

"Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! I am so Happy! This is the best day of my life. Thank you for the chance."

How did she find out about this contest?

"I was on Behance looking around and I read the comments on a project of one designer and someone had written "why don’t you participate in this contest?" and he put the link and I was like ohhh let’s see what is it about haha"

"This notice made my day, my month my year haha, it’s a dream for me and it is going to be a pleasure to be working there :D"

"And for me it’s a pleasure, I am representing my country and my university, I want the world to see that Mexicans can do pretty good and functional design"

Leo Burnett’s Creative Head and Managing Director says, 95% of the competitors did amazing work – and we’re truly delighted with the results.”  Paulina’s work ” was the strongest from a communications idea standpoint and breadth of the idea/approach. Great work with photos. Definitely a standout identity and a fun one to play with long term, it fit to the brand and is an idea with depth.”

Paulina is all about determination:  ”I want to say, I think that everything starts with patience and determination. Those are my key principles to be a successful person.”

Tim Addison, who designed the contest says, “We at OpenBrand couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome to RisingStar 2014, a contest focused on launching the careers of young designers around the world and we wish Paulina, the best of luck in her new role at Leo Burnett in Prague!” 

See her winning designs and those of the other finalists here.


RisingStar Design Contest Enters Final Round

Hey, Thanks for your participation! 


Whether you visited, voted, or submitted one of the 132 entries from over 40 countries, we appreciate your involvement! On June 2nd we’ll see who wins the Grand Prize! Don’t forget to either join our Facebook page or Twitter  stay up to date with who won and RisingStar 2015 beginning this Summer!


First round Prizes: The top 20 designers according to the amount of “likes” as of Midnight (GMT) tonight Monday May 19th receive:
- OpenBrand Pro Unlimited accounts FREE immediately and
- All Photoshop plug-ins made by Source

The Final round Prize: The winner of the final round gets a flight (return air-travel) and a 6 month paid internship at Leo Burnett in romantic Prague, Czech Republic.

The Final Round: If you are one of the top 20 you can compete in the final round.

There is no public voting in the final round. Submissions will be judged by a panel of experts (including the Creative Director of Leo Burnett Prague and the Global Marketing Director of OpenBrand)

Finalists will receive an email tonight (Monday May 19th) with the brief and how to submit, and will have 1 week (until Monday May 26th Midnight GMT) to submit their entry on brief and on time.

The winner will be announced here on the blog and on the RisingStar Contest page on Monday June 2nd.

RisingStar 2015
We are in the process of improving the contest and hope you will participate in the RisingStar 2015 contest which promises more lead time to submit and gather votes. More in the next month or two.

If you like it, share it.
Please share the news about OpenBrand as the free tool for graphic design and marketing collaboration.

Kind regards,
The OpenBrand Team

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40 countries represented in Design Contest

Vote now on your favourite!

Public voting will end in just over a week on Monday May 19th.

The top 20 will win prizes and go on to round 2 where they have just one week to design according to a brief from the Creative Director of Leo Burnett.

The over all winner as judged by a panel of experts wins flight tickets and a 6 month paid internship at Leo Burnett in Prague, Czech Republic!

Check out all the places the designs came from for this 1st Annual International Rising Star Contest! 

imageEven Mauritius, a tiny 2000km2 island off east Africa is represented :)


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Rising Star Graphic Design Contest Hotting Up!

Deadline: May 12th. Only 3 weeks away!


What does a Rum, a Sex Shop and a Forest have in common?

All are part of some cool brands created for this international design contest.

After the first early entries were only 14 days ago these first two are currently holding on to a “LIKES”  lead: 

Gauthier & Nolet Architects by Justin Bechard, 11 Apr 04:45.


And the fictional brand

Housewifey by Anna Belousova, 14 Apr 06:15.



Some recent, really interesting and funny entries are really picking up likes quickly:

Shark’s Breath by Anna Milioutina, 19 Apr 09:02.  A VODKA



Foris by Dustin, 22 Apr 17:56.  GIVING THE FOREST A VOICE


imageChameleon by Aleksandr, 24 Apr 12:15 A SEX SHOP



The Contest is now filling with entries and after only 14 days since the first one, we are approaching 50 super brands, from 20 different countries all competing for 20 prizes of Adobe plugins, OpenBrand Pro accounts and the grand prize an Internship at Leo Burnett in Prague including flight tickets and $4,500!

Please visit the gallery here, share and make your vote count today! 

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Unique International Graphic Design Contest Offers: Job, Flight tickets and Cash!


07. March. 2014


The goal of this potentially life changing international design contest, Rising Star, is launching the career of the most talented young graphic designers with a chance to win a 6 months internship at a top 10 Agency.

Graphic Designers and students are invited to create and submit any fictional brand and corporate identity on the microsite and gallery. The 20 designers with the most public “likes" will win certificates and a host of prizes like design software, Adobe plugins from, life-time OpenBrand Pro accounts, and more. 

This year, the winner will have a job at Leo Burnett in Prague for six months, along with approx. $4,500 in total “pocket money” and return air tickets. Leo Burnett continues to be ranked as one of the world’s top five creatively awarded networks worldwide.

“There are lots of hugely talented students who’d love to get some recognition, especially in the advertising world”, says Martin Klco, Managing Director of Leo Burnett Prague, the agency hosting this year’s competition. “It’s time to shed some light on them and maybe even fast-track their careers,” he adds., a cloud-based, design and marketing platform, created the contest to help highlight the works of young graphic designers and they’ve made it easy for competitors to enter and submit designs.

 “For the contestants, and we have invited the world’s top 25 Design schools to participate, we have these cool tools that require no school, like a mock-up building engine to turn their logo into a t-shirt, business card or decal on an airplane in seconds”, says Tim Addison, Marketing Director of OpenBrand. “They’ll be able to focus on the creative and just use us to show off their work quickly and with minimal effort,” he adds.

Deadline for 1st round submissions is May 12th, 2014. The final winner will be decided and announced June 2nd by both the public and an expert jury - Martin Klco, Managing Director of Leo Burnett Prague, Martin Pasecky, Creative Director, Tim Addison of OpenBrand and others. 

Go here for more.


OpenBrand Restructures: Starting Immediately it’s now Free!

OpenBrand Now Free For Everyone Forever.

AIGA calls it the, “Design/client tool of the year”

Old pricing plans dropped - Now only counting data.

  1. Designer friendly
  2. Prices easier to understand and
  3. Free for smaller brands.

Starting Immediately you can choose either of these new options:


Come have a poke around.

Start a fictitious brand or check out the rendering engine: drop in your logo or any design and see how it would look on a t-shirt, truck, or business card. 

In short, the tool requires no school, no training, no installation as we can see by our RisingStar contest  and the contestants who have already submitted projects. It’s all online and ready to go!
People are not perfect and send the wrong type of files, or older versions to clients and production, wasting your time and money. 
OpenBrand puts an end to that so your :
1.  Projects are delivered to  designers/clients/production with the proper specs, colours, versions.
2.  Projects operate inside the brand book,
3.  Projects can be collaborated with and updated securely and from anywhere in the world.